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Does Fat Burning Furnace Work?  
Fat Burning Furnace Review


Reviewer: Jennifer JannerClick here to visit FatBurning Furnace
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Does the Fat Burning Furnace work? After you read this review you will be able to answer the question. 
The author of this e-book is Rob Poulos. Rob is not a trainer or a nutrionist specialist, after all he came up with this effective best selling e-book, the FatBurning Furnace to help the people lose weight. Poulos, the creator of the FatBurning Furnace was overweight for the rest of his life, so he knows what he is talking about. Following his system is easy and effective.

Product information

  • Product format: e-book
  • Author: Rob Poulos
  • Price: $39.97 or $69.97 with videos
  • Target Audience: Beginners, intermediates, advanced
  • Guarantee: 60 days unconditional
  • Delivery Method: Digital download for guides, two tools are web-based and the video upgrade can be viewed online.
  • Recommended? Yes!

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Review of the FatBurning Furnace

It is regularly a common problem, that people doesn't understand the importance of the increased metabolism in weight loss. Fat Burning Furnace unlike other programs, focuses on RMR (Resting Metabolic Rates).

The program combines fitness and nutrition informations. So it gives us a comprehensive guide to burn off the fat quickly and effectively. The Fat Burning Furnace is for anyone, who wants to lose weight, it isn't problem if you are beginner and have never used fat burning program earlier. This system is very easy to follow.


The program is based on workouts with weights, and can be completed in 15-20 minutes a day. You need to do exercises 3 times a week, but later when you are experienced 2 times a week is enough. So you don't have to do long workouts, neither any sort of cardiovascular exercises.

The program is focusing on a full body workout. But you have to do the exercises very slowly to maximize the impact of the workout. That's why you don't have to do more than one set of exercise unlike other methods, where people have to do minimum 3 sets from each workout. So you save time and can do the exercises in 15-20 minutes.

The exercises are described well, in the guide, you can also watch photos so you can't miss doing the exercises correctly.

The first level is for the beginners, who haven't exercised for a long time. There are levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. After the beginner level, you have to focus on a specific part of your body. By doing this it is much more effective and so you can achieve quicker the desired shape and weight.

Proper Nutrition

Eating in the right way is a must to stay healthy and to lose weight. Rob Poulus in his book tells you exactly what to eat, what you should avoid to eat to stay healthy and shed the unwanted pounds.

There are 3 levels to the system, Deluxe, Ultimate and then the Ultimate version with the BlowTorch video upgrade.
Deluxe: you get the main 158 page digital manual plus you get 3 months of email coaching (an email newsletter).
Ultimate:With this you get the guide plus two online tools - a Metabolic Rate Calculator and a Bodyfat Analyzer. You also get a detailed Progress Tracker for the workouts which you can print out and an upgrade to 12 months of email coaching
As it is the same price as the Deluxe it makes sense to order this one, instead the Deluxe package.
BlowTorch upgrade: gives you everything above + a 21 page digital manual with 7 videos where the author literally does a workout in front of you (in his home gym)


Customer Feedback

I have thoroughly researched the Fat Burning Furnace to find out what other people (who also use this program) think about the program. I read a lot of reviews and comments on the Internet. So I here is a few customer feedback about the Fat Burning Furnace program.


“I am very much thankful to you. You can't imagine that I have lost 7 kg (15 pounds) in a month by following your tips and diet. Thank You!”
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“Started your program Monday 14th and I`m already down 6 pounds of body fat and lost and inch off my waist 1 week later.”
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“Thanks for all of the info. All together since I started using your program... I have lost 28 lbs and I look better than I ever have in the past when having lost weight because my arms are beginning to have tone and I have more muscle tone in my legs etc.”
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FatBurning Furnace Review Conclusion

My verdict on Fat Burning Furnace is, that if you follow this guide you don't have to order diet pills, don't have to get up early to go to the gym, don't need to do long cardio workouts, because the exercises takes only 15-20 minutes.
Following this program you don't have to change your whole lifestyle habits to reach your weight loss goals. The guide is a step-by-step guide, that shows you what foods to eat, what foods to avoid in order to stay healthy and reach the best results in weight loss. So if you are serious about losing weight this program is an excellent choice.

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